Open Play schedule changes

Open Play is generally held at Glenlake Tennis Center on Saturdays, 1-6pm.

Due to the City of Decatur tennis tournament being held at Glenlake Tennis Center, Open Play will not be held this Saturday, May 18.

Watch our Facebook page for the latest updates and last-minute scheduling changes.


The Hooch was FANTASTIC!

The ChATTAhoochee Doubles Classic ("The Hooch") is ATTA’s annual Spring championship tournament. The 2019 Hooch was held March 8-10, 2019 (the weekend before Spring ALTA begins).

Thank you for a GREAT weekend of tennis! See the tournament results HERE.


Singles/Doubles Ladders

The 2019 Singles/Doubles/Women's ATTA Ladders are ramping up!
Find out more about the ladders HERE.


2019 Memberships Available

It's time to renew your ATTA membership for 2019...

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  • Discounted Open Play and Mixers rates
  • Assistance finding ALTA and USTA teams
  • Team Rewards just for playing, and more for winning
  • Holiday Awards Banquet

...and more events sponsored by ATTA

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