Singles/Doubles Ladders 2020

The Ladders are ATTA's intramural singles and doubles competitions. Players will move up or down the ladder based on results every 3-4 weeks (per segment). At the end of the Ladders season, the top 4 players/teams in each level will compete in the playoffs for the end-of-year championship.

Registration and Important Dates
All ladders begin on April 10th and end October 21st. Registration is open until April 3rd (more information and registration below).

Singles Ladder

ATTA provides one Singles Ladder for both men and women. If you have any questions, contact Singles Ladder Chair Mike Jeweler at

Doubles Ladders

For doubles, ATTA offers a women's doubles ladder and men's/mixed doubles ladder. Women pairings can choose to play in the men's/mixed league if they prefer. Players may also register as a team or individually (and we will find you a partner). Questions? Contact:

-Men's/Mixed Doubles Ladder: Ladder Chair Nick Woodbury at

-Women's Doubles Ladder: Ladder Chair Kathy May at

Participation in all ladders is limited to current ATTA members. Please join/renew your ATTA membership before registering for the Ladders.

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Report Scores

SINGLES Ladder Rules (pdf)
Men's/Mixed/Women's DOUBLES Ladder Rules (pdf)