The Ultimate ATTA Showdown Throwdown!

This fall, ATTA will be hosting an exciting tournament for our members in place of the Doubles Ladder! Combining the tournament feel of our beloved Peach with the ease and flexibility of our normal summer ladder, we are bringing you a brand new tournament experience!

Men's Doubles Event

Teams will be randomly assigned into round robin draws, each according to skill level based on past ladder play, player ratings and past results. The winners of each round robin will qualify for a single elimination draw where the last team standing wins! Players will organize their own matches within 2-3 week periods throughout the fall.

Women Doubles Event

There will be A, B and C tiers, each with draws of no more than 8 teams. Each tier will have its own round robin with its own schedule of play detailing the round robin draws.

Assuming there are 8 teams, each team will be scheduled to play each of 7 matches in a 2-week period. At the end of 14 weeks, there will be a 2-week period for teams who missed playing all opponents to have another chance to play.

After completion of the round robin, the winners and finalists will be decided based on the following:

Number of matches won
Set win percentage
Game win percentage

Registration Now Open! Closes September 11th!
Sign up for the tournament today using the form below. The deadline to sign up is Friday, Sept. 11th, and matches will start the following Sunday, Sept. 13th. We will be following the recommendations for play during COVID-19 by USTA and ALTA. Make sure to let us know if you have not yet signed our COVID waiver for competitive play. If you already signed it as a participant of the Singles Ladder, you're all set!

Winners and finalists will receive trophies and bragging rights of being our first ever Throwdown Showdown Champions! Share with your ATTA friends, let's get as many members to sign up and play this fun tournament as possible! If you have any questions/comments/concerns feel free to reach out to Nick Woodbury at for Men Doubles event and Kathy May at for the Women Doubles event.

Note: You only need to submit your form once. Scroll up to the top of the form when you're finished to see the Thank You/Confirmation note.