About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Atlanta Team Tennis Association (ATTA) is to promote and develop the growth of tennis in the LGBTQ+ community of Atlanta and our friends and allies.

Who We Are

ATTA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and longtime Atlanta affiliate of the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance (GLTA). In 2005, ATTA also became a Community Tennis Association of USTA Georgia. ATTA strives to promote social, recreational and healthy competitive tennis through activities including open play, mixers, clinics, singles/doubles ladders, league team play (ALTA* and USTA) and tournaments. Tennis is played year-round, weather permitting, and ATTA welcomes all participants regardless of sexual orientation.

We are also involved in the local LGBT+ community and support a variety of local organizations, including the selection of a local charity or charities each year, who ATTA donates a large portion of any funds raised at our events throughout that year.  For more information about our current beneficiary, CLICK HERE!

*ALTA is not affiliated with ATTA.

President Edward Sullivan
Vice President Thomson Mai
Secretary Steve Kiehl
Treasurer Beau Talley
Membership Director Mario Vivarelli 
Tournament Director Alex Bolton
Ladder Chair Mike Jeweler
Open Play Coordinator Shichao Tang
Social Coordinator Jeffery Silvey
Webmaster John Andersen
Sponsorship Coordinator Lisa Durham
Community Outreach Coordinator John DeRosa

President – Coordinates the functions and operations to ensure that the organization’s goals and objectives are attained. Provides direction and/or assistance to the Board’s members in the development and implementation of strategies, initiatives and activities to provide “value” of membership in the organization and to ensure that the organization is meeting its members’ expectations. Plans, schedules and presides at Board meetings.

Vice President– Assists the President in the completion of his or her duties and assumes the responsibilities of the President in his or her absence or in the event of the President’s death, incapacitation, removal, or resignation. Completes or assigns for completion, an annual audit of the organization’s financial records. Provides assistance to the other Board Members as needed.

Secretary – Records the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings and provides a copy to all Board members and to the Webmaster for publication on the ATTA website. Prepares and distributes e-mail correspondence to the ATTA members. Checks the ATTA voice mailbox weekly and replies or forwards as needed. Maintains the ATTA calendar of events. Responsible for the activities of the Communications and Public Relations Coordinators and Webmaster.

Treasurer– Oversees, monitors and reports on the financial records and condition of ATTA. Prepares an annual operating budget. Deposits funds to bank account and reconciles monthly bank statements to financial reports. Provides a summary of financial activity at the monthly Board meetings or as requested. Adheres to generally accepted accounting principles.

Communications Coordinator – Generates and distributes information concerning ATTA news and events. Gathers information from Board Members, ATTA members, and other sources and compiles the information into a monthly newsletter. Provides the newsletter to the Web Master for posting on the website and mails hardcopies to members without e-mail access. Provides information suitable for publication and distribution to the Public Relations Coordinator, including flyers or other articles for local publications.

Tournament Directors– Serves as Directors of The Peach, Chattahoochee and any other tournament held by ATTA. Leads the Committee(s) that coordinates and oversees the functions and operations of each tournament, including fundraising, advertising, public relations, facilities and site coordination, scheduling volunteers, player registration, establishing the draws and scheduling matches, coordinating the activities at the tournament desk(s), organizing the draw party and banquet, and trophy presentation. Responsible for the activities of the Deputy Tournament Directors and other tournament committee members.

Ladder Chairs – Organizes and administers the singles and doubles ladders. Manages ladder registration. Maintains current ladder information on the ATTA web site. Establishes/updates the ladder rules and presents to the Board for approval. Interprets the ladder rules to provide resolution for disputes. Maintains ladder standings and distributes to participants. Administers the ladder championships. Completes an annual survey of all members to obtain input for enhancing the ladder.

Membership Director – Maintains the membership database. Sends membership information to new and renewing members. Grants access to the Members Only section of the ATTA website. Provides the Secretary with a constantly updated list of members’ e-mail addresses for internal communication. Communicates with the Treasurer to ensure receipt of payment for annual membership dues. Provides a summary of membership activity at the monthly Board meetings or as requested.

Open Play Coordinator – Organizes and administers Open Play at the approved designated facilities. Schedules the weekly Open Play Site Coordinator for each location. Develops and/or maintains procedures and provides appropriate training to the Open Play Site Coordinators. Communicates regularly with the facility managers. Provides information concerning Open Play to the Secretary for inclusion in the calendar and to the Communications Coordination for distribution to the members.

Player Development Coordinator – Develops, schedules and/or provides information on available clinics and activities to assist members in the development of their playing skills. Organizes trips to out-of-town tennis camps. Coordinates the mentoring program to provide assistance to new members and/or new or low-intermediate level players.

Public Relations Coordinator – Networks with local organizations, publications and businesses to increase awareness of ATTA. Works with the Communications Coordinator to develop press releases concerning ATTA-related events for inclusion in local publications and to develop written communications to distribute to local businesses and organizations for distribution.

Community Outreach Coordinator – Liaisons with other organizations both in Atlanta and the the GLTA network. Local contacts would include colleges and their LGBT+ groups, LGBT+ organizations both sports organizations like Stonewall Sports and nonsporting groups, businesses like retail, bars, restaurants, etc., and donors and our charities and so on. Having one person coordinate these efforts and forging these sorts of relationships is key to driving membership.