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Men’s Singles
Men’s Doubles
Women’s Singles and Doubles

The ladders allow players to compete against others with similar playing ability. There is no additional cost once you’re an ATTA member ($30) except that you provide your own tennis balls and pay your own court fees.

The doubles ladders are free with annual membership ($30) and open to all ATTA members. We can help you find a partner if you need one!


2023 ATTA Club Tournaments.

  • City of Decatur Tournament – While not an ATTA sanctioned event, we support the City of Decatur tournament every year. It’s November 10-13th this year. Learn more here.

Team Tennis

Team Tennis is a big part of what ATTA is all about and likely the source of our association’s name. ATTA forms teams of primarily gay and lesbian players who compete in the team-tennis leagues offered by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (ALTA)*.

An ALTA team must have at least 10 current members of ATTA to be considered an “ATTA team”. For USTA, a roster of at least eight current ATTA members is considered an “ATTA team”. 

Click here to get involved in all the Team Tennis options we have to offer.
*ALTA is not affiliated with ATTA.

Other Opportunities

For those wanting to play outside the ATTA universe, there are many singles and doubles leagues: