Men's/Mixed Doubles Ladder

ATTA’s doubles ladder will be back in the Spring!

This registration is for men’s and mixed doubles teams. Use the form below to registerer! Traditionally, men’s and mixed teams share one ladder, but we’ll split into two ladders if enough mixed teams sign up. So grab your partner and have some fun!

You and your partner will play other teams similar in level as you try to advance to playoffs at the end of the ladder season. The ladder is meant to be flexible and fun! You will schedule matches when convenient for you and your opponents.

ATTA membership is required for participation in this ladder, but your membership fee covers the cost to participate.

If you haven’t joined ATTA this year, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Have questions?  Email [email protected] for rules. Good luck!

2024 ATTA Doubles Rules Download

Note: Playing levels are subject to approval of the ladder chair and ATTA Board ladder committee.