Compete through ATTA

There are ample opportunities to put your skills to the test throughout the year. Here are some options ATTA provides:

Singles/Doubles Ladders
Singles and Doubles Ladders are conducted from early spring through the middle of fall allowing men and women of similar playing ability to compete against each other for the coveted end-of-season trophies. Ladder participation is for ATTA members only. Those becoming ATTA members mid-year may be added to the ladder at the discretion of the ladder coordinator. Additional information about the ladders can be obtained by clicking here. There is no additional cost except that you provide your own tennis balls and pay your own court fees. Click here to find out more, and to register for the Singles Ladder, the Doubles Ladder, or BOTH!

Team Tennis
Team Tennis is a big part of what ATTA is all about and likely the source of our association's name. ATTA forms teams of primarily gay and lesbian players who compete in the team-tennis leagues offered by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (ALTA)*. Click on the "Join a Team" link at the toolbar to the left to learn more about team tennis in Atlanta and to learn how to join an ATTA team. An ALTA team must have at least 10 current members of ATTA to be considered an ATTA team. For USTA, a roster of at least eight current ATTA members is considered an ATTA team. Click here to get involved in all the Team Tennis options we have to offer.
*ALTA is not affiliated with ATTA.

Tournaments are organized by ATTA in the Spring and Fall each year. The ChATTAhoochee Doubles Classic is our club tournament in the spring, and The Peach International Tennis Championships is our stop on the GLTA World Tour.

Clinics are an opportunity to hone your tennis skills and improve your conditioning. Some clinics, charging a nominal fee, are in the form of group drills with a tennis pro where you may attend a weekend morning or a weeknight evening as little or as often as you wish. Occasionally, "boot camps" are held with several sessions of drills spread over several days to work on conditioning, movement, specific strokes and court strategy. Once in a while, ATTA members may choose to attend an out-of-town tennis camp for group tennis lessons. Current drills and clinics open to ATTA members and non-ATTA members alike are listed in the Calendar. ATTA also maintains a list of clinics available at local facilities.

Other tennis opportunities in Atlanta
For those wanting to play outside the ATTA universe, there are many options. Several singles and doubles leagues are run by independent organizations, such as T2Tennis, Ultimate Tennis, USTA Flex Leagues, and USTA Tournaments.